Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's Safe To Say It's Not a Favorite Anymore

The tournament started at noon today, and I found myself on the rail after 7 hands. I started in seat 7, and the button started in seat 10. On the first hand I was dealt 7-2offsuit, which I thought was pretty funny for hand #1, since it is the worst starting hand in Texas Hold 'em, but on hand number 2 I fared a little better, having looked down to see the Ace of Spades and the Ace of Hearts, for the best starting hand in Texas Hold 'em. The player to my right made the call of the Big Blind for 50, and I raised it to 175. Everyone else folded, including the blinds, and the player on my right called my raise. The flop was:


My opponent decided to lead with a bet of 500. Now, the pot was only 425, so I was slightly suspicious of the bet, but if my opponent really did have two pair or better the natural thing to do would be to check and let me bet since I was the raiser, and then raise me. That led me to think that his bet might be a "defensive" bet, a bet where he has a piece of the board and wants to see if I maybe missed. Based on that I decided to raise to 1425. I also decided that since now over half of my starting chips are in the pot I was probably going to have to play this hand if he went all in. Well, he went all in after thinking a long time about it. The way he was thinking I was fairly certain he didn't have two pair. If he was acting, it was a great performance. He declared, "I'm all in." to which I almost instantly said, "I call. I have Aces." The next thing I heard was "Oh, shit!" which I was very glad to hear. He turned over King-Ten, pretty much validating everything I had just ran through in my head. The turn card was:


and the river was: Tc

Giving him two pair and delivering a near death blow to me. Now, he had lost some chips on hand #1, so I had him covered by 200. I then folded everything (honestly, I can't tell you what any of the hands were as I was just flabergasted) until my big blind. I announced that the big blind was 200, and everyone folded to my nemesis, who was in the small blind. He raised to 200, and I called with my Ace-Queen. He had pocket 9s. I didn't catch anything to help, and I was gone. Thank you for playing. There may be other blog posts, but not today. I need a drink.

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